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CILI SWISH  |  Julia Rose

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I'd love to help.  This business has been a blast.   What could possibly be more excited than helping people improve their health & wellness while earning?

I'm Julia Rose.  I am a health & wellness enthusiast and artist.   I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my CILI products.   


If your goal is to improve your health & wellness, I'd be honored to help you on your journey.  And if you are looking for a rewarding career that allows you to make money while helping others...let's talk.  I'd love to share with you how I earned $2400+ in my first month.  It is SO FUN!  

Julia Rose



1050 Laurie Lane, Burr Ridge IL 60527

Want to power your body with pure cellular nutrition?
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I'm SO EXCITED you contacted me!

My Story

My old high school friend Guy Brilando & I reconnected about 7 years ago.  We text very often and share data about politics, religion, health & welless.  

We were discussing COVID, and he shared a great video about Ivermectin.  I commented to himj that I felt I was mineral deficeint and wanted a new supplement.  He said all he ad his wife were taking is SWISH and a liquid vitamin D3 his naturopath prescribed which he also found on Amazon.  He sent a screenshot of the D3.  I thanked him and asked what's SWISH.  

I have a VERY STRONG dislike for direct marketig MLM' when Guy approached me about CILI nearly 2 years ago when the company was not even soft launched yet, I immediately dismissed my friend.  I now wholeheartedly regret that, but I am grateful that it came up again.  


Here is a short video that Guy did when he FIRST got started.  It's a great overview of the product.   

Great intro to CILI
My first workout

I started CILI SWISH April 3rd.  Check ouut the dates and my calories burn

My CILI experience

1. I forgot how much energy I had when I was 20.  CILI has reminded me.

2.  The "sleep" spray has helped me minimize the hot/cold tossing and turning that has resulted from being in my 50's.

3.  I started on CILI SWISH the Saturday before Easter.  I hosted my friends and we indulged in far too much bubbly on my deck celebrating our Lord's rising.  

I wasn't excited about going to Orange Theory the next day for my workout, but they charge $20 if I don't show up.  Just before my workout started I sprayed 9 pumps of CILI "BOOST" under my tongue.   To my surprise, even though I felt I was not working as hard as normal, I burned about 100 calories more than usual.  This is all documented by the OT app and heart monitor.

4.  My daughter & her fiance just closed on a new house in Nashville and I had to drive a truckload of furniture down to them by myself.  I do NOT do well with long-distance puts me to sleep.  The last time I drove to Nashville was with my son.   I only went halfway (stopped for overnight college tours). Even just driving for 4 hours I was slapping myself to stay awake. So I was SUPER nervous driving 8 hours by myself.  But honestly thanks to CILI SWISH & BOOST I didn't have any trouble. This stuff is really amazing.  I bought 5-hour-energy but never touched it.

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